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The harp has never had a major role in jazz, but then again, harpist Kathrin Pechlof’s music encompasses more than jazz. Her success in both traditional and contemporary classical music, her venture into a jazzy version of Bavarian folk music and the Avant-pop of Cosmic Groove Orchestra led to her consequent turn towards contemporary jazz and work with such players as Pablo Held, Niels Klein, and Sebastian Gille. Such a background lends a depth and breadth to Pechlof’s play that places her in the forefront of the new generation of innovative musicians. Pechlof’s trio of like-minded musicians alto saxophonist/composer Christian Weidner and bassist Robert Landfermann has been testing musical borders for some seven years. Jazzthing depicted their first PIROUET album, Imaginarium, as »chamber music worlds of quiet beauty and understated elegance«. On their new PIROUET CD, the three guide the listener towards the beauty and challenge of the unexpected.


  1. Silence Is a Looking Bird
  2. Fuge
  3. Elegie
  4. Feldfolge
  5. Thema und Variation
  6. Earth
  7. Toward the Unknown
  8. Versuch
  9. Made Up Animals
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